Cuisinart Coffee Makers: What You Need To Know

My Cuisinart coffee maker had saved me more numerous times than I can count. I love it and I am so happy I decided to splurge and buy it.

Coffee Maker Replacement

A year ago, my old coffee maker died on me. I knew it was old, cracked and slow, but it makes coffee so I was obviously sad. The hunt for a new coffee maker was painful and slow. While there were a lot of sophisticated and modern units to choose from, they were all expensive. After barely surviving 3 days without home-brewed coffee, I decided to hasten my search by going online. Thankfully, I saw the 4-cup coffee maker from Cuisinart from one of the most trusted online stores. Not only was it chockfull of features, it fits my budget too.

Cuisinart Dcc-450pk Coffee Maker

The first time I saw the coffee from Cuisinart, I instantly fell in love. Compared to my old unit, it was compact and attractive. Could accommodate 4 cups of coffee, it features a stainless steel carafe that has a dripless spout for convenient and mess-free serving. The coffee maker is available in pink (for breast cancer awareness), red and classic black. The entire package comes with an instruction book, paper filter kit and coffee scooper.

Apart from aesthetic reasons, I adore this coffee maker because it makes 4 cups of joe. I usually drink about 2-3 cups in the morning so there’s less coffee leftover. The unit also has a Brew Pause feature that pause the brewing process if the carafe is removed. This allows lil’ impatient me to have a quick cup without having to wait for the entire carafe to fill.

The Cuisinart DCC-450PK 4-cup coffee maker has a compact and streamlined design. It doesn’t occupy that much space in my kitchen counter since it only measures about 8.5 X 6.75 X 11 inches.

Update: the Cuisinart DCC-450PK now comes in Pink!! It still has the stainless steel carafe.

Cuisinart 4 Cup Coffee Maker Pink

Apart from impatient, I am also a klutz. Thankfully, the Cuisinart coffee has an indicator light that warns me that it is hot. The coffee maker’s carafe also comes with a built-in knuckle guard to further prevent me from burning myself. The unit automatically shuts off 30 minutes after it has finished brewing. This is a plus because I seldom unplug my coffee maker even when I leave the house.

Easy To Use

Unlike other complicated and bulky coffee makers, this 4 cup coffee maker from Cuisinart is so user friendly. All I needed to do was add the filter, coffee, water and turn on the unit and it’s all set. No more multiple lids to open or confusing buttons to push.

Coffee Love

With my new Cuisinart coffee maker, my love for this bold, piping hot drink is as insatiable as ever. Apart from drinking coffee, I also experiment in coffee-flavored desserts and liqueur with my Cuisinart. So far, all my coffee creations were a hit.

The Cuisinart coffee brewer has truly served its purpose during all my bleary or hung-over mornings, stressful nights and drowsy afternoons. It is indeed a life-saver.

If You Need More Coffee

Those of you with a larger requirement of java in the morning or possibly throughout the day may need the 12 cup version DCC-1200. This coffeemaker is programmable with a 24 hour advanced brew start and an auto shut off. In addition, it has a pause feature that allows you to enjoy a cup of joe before the brewing has completed. The Cuisinart DCC-1200 comes in a classic brushed metal design with a 12 cup carafe. The unit includes a charcoal water filter and a gold tone filter to ensure the freshest coffee flavor.

Cuisinart DCC-1200 Brew Central 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker, Black/Brushed Metal