Making The Perfect Coffee With Farberware Coffee Urn

stainless-steel-coffeemakerA Farberware coffee urn is one brand of coffee percolator in the market that can brew more than your typical 8 to 12 cups. A percolator is a type of pot that is used to boil grounded coffee beans with the use of continually cycling boiling water. Farberware urns usually offer a range of 30 to 66 cups along with instructions on how to brew them. These urns make a great brewer for huge occasions like gatherings, meetings, and even corporate or non-corporate events for a huge group of coffee-loving individuals to enjoy.

Getting The Perfect Brew

Depending on the size of the coffee urn, you would need the right estimate of ground coffee for the number of cups of coffee you will need. It is essential to take note of the required measurement used when brewing a Farberware 55 cup coffee urn or a 30-cup coffee urn because you might over-do it and significantly affect the flavor. Faberware has made recommendations on how to brew a good coffee with certain specific number of cups. For example, 10 cups of coffee for the office would need 10 cups of coffee grinds. Which means that, using a Farberware 36 cup coffee urn for 30 guests would require 3 cups, and so on; while 55 cups of coffee would need about 1 pound of coffee grounds. However, Farberware’s list is only a recommendation and not a requirement; you can still brew your coffee according to your taste.

The Brewing Process

A coffee urn or percolator has a chamber at the bottom of the pot which is placed close to the heat source. Traditional percolators are used by campers and are placed on top of a campfire. However, modern percolators have electronic heat pads that require electricity to function. Farberware percolators make up the same concept along with a thin tube in the middle of the pot, and a coffee chamber at the top where the filter and ground coffee are placed. Water is placed within the lover compartment and is boiled. Boiling water then is pushed up the tube by the boiling bubbles where the hot water is distributed at the top of the lid, falls back down and seeps its way through the coffee chamber and bringing the rich coffee flavor to the lower half of the pot. With only the help of gravity, brewing the perfect strength of coffee depends on time and the good measurement of ground coffee.

Cleaning Your Percolator

Well cleaned and kept coffee percolators make good coffee, while dirty ones deteriorate the taste as well as your percolator’s life span. You can clean your Farberware coffee urn parts by first dismantling it. You can then dip them in lukewarm soapy water, scrub the parts thoroughly, and rinse them in warm to hot water several times before you set it out to dry. Don’t forget to pay attention to the bottom and corners of different chambers making sure you scrub out those left over coffee grimes and residues.

Replacement And Repair

A broken down percolator can be avoided when proper maintenance and clean-up is practiced. However, in cases of break-down, malfunctions, and wear-out parts, you can have Farberware coffee urn replacement parts ordered online.