Why Purchase A Kitchenaid Coffee Grinder?

If I want great tasting coffee, I brew it the correct way – using freshly ground coffee beans out of my KitchenAid Coffee Grinder. Coffee just isn’t as bold, delicious and addicting if it’s instant or brewed using canned ground beans.

Grinding Coffee At Home

In the past, I had experimented with different coffee grinding techniques. I first used an ordinary blender because of budget reasons. The result was mediocre. While I got my coffee fix, that fine, perfect taste that I was looking for was non-existent. Next, I had used a hand crank burr grinder because I thought traditional was more precise, well, taste-wise. The hand crank grinder worked like a pepper mill so there really isn’t a precise level of how fine the ground coffee will be. Using the traditional grinder was fun for the first few tries but it was too slow and too time consuming.

Because of my desire to really have a great cup of coffee, I saved enough money to buy my very own electric grinder.

Kitchenaid Grinders

Before I even scoured the market for coffee grinders, I knew I had to get something from KitchenAid. Most of my kitchen appliances are of the same brand and since I am very satisfied with the brand, why trust another name?

In my search, I found out that KitchenAid currently sells two types of coffee grinders. One is the KitchenAid Burr Coffee Grinder and the other is the KitchenAid Blade Coffee Grinder. While I know that both these grinders are of high quality, I need to make sure that I purchase the right kind. As most of us consumers say, Google is a friend!

Blade Grinders

Blade grinders are manual grinders that don’t require electricity but with good ‘ol grease. Once the whole coffee beans are placed inside the grinder, gentle pushing pressure should be placed on the unit to make the blades spin and grind the beans. This type of grinder doesn’t have pre-set grinding levels so everything must be done by eye.

Burr Grinders

When it comes to coffee grinders, burr grinders are more precise and versatile. These grinders are all purpose and are perfect for any type of coffee requirements including espresso, French Press or Turkish. All grind types are possible with burr grinders because these units usually have pre-set grind levels that would make perfect coffee brewing a no brainer.

KitchenAid Pro Line Series Burr Coffee MillKitchenAid Pro Line Series Burr Coffee Mill

Because I don’t have any patience to use a KitchenAid coffee grinder attachment nor a talented eye to properly grind coffee the manual way, I decided to purchase the Burr Coffee Mill from KitchenAid. Featuring sharp, stainless steel burrs, I have a choice to grind my coffee beans from 15 different levels. I also don’t need to constantly refill the unit with beans because its hopper can hold up to 7 ounces of whole coffee beans.

With my Burr Coffee Mill from KitchenAid, all my cups of coffee are fresh and flavored just the way I want it. As for the unit, I don’t have to worry about wear and tear since all KitchenAid coffee grinder parts are readily available if I need it.