Best Leave In Conditioner

How To Revitalize Your Dry And Brittle Hair

milk shake leave in conditionerA leave in conditioner can do wonders for your dry and brittle hair. When you do a regular wash and shampoo on your hair it will help provide it with essential vitamins and nutrients, but to really give your hair a boost you need to use a leave in conditioner.

There are plenty of leave in conditioner for men and women so everybody can find something that will help the condition of their hair. You might want to use a leave in hair conditioner if you are experiencing trouble with untangling your hair at the end of the day. Healthy hair should be moist and easy to untangle from any braids or ties.

Your hair should be manageable without tangles. If you are having problems like these, you should consider a leave in conditioner.

The Best Leave In Conditioner Products

There are plenty of these products on the market that you can make use of to better your hair. Some of these products stand out from the rest because of the leave in conditioner reviews they have received. People will talk about a product when it really works- and you can take this information and use it to your advantage. Here are some of the best leave in conditioner products on the market today:

Garnier Fructis Hydra Recharge – This product has received some excellent reviews from customers who have tried it in the past. One person who reviewed this product claims that it makes their hair softer to the touch and smells amazing. This is a leave in conditioner spray as well, so it is very easy to apply. It will not leave your hair feeling heavy after you spray some on. One of the best parts about this product is that it can be found for around $6.

TIGI Catwalk Curls Rock Leave In Moisturizer – This is not a spray bottle, but it is very easy to apply. Most products like this are thick and greasy, but this one will leave your hair feeling bouncy and healthy. One person who used this product claims that it brought their dry and chemically treated hair back to feeling like silk again. This is definitely what you want to hear when you are looking for a product to revitalize your dry hair. This product starts around $14.

AG Hair Cosmetics Fast Food Leave On Condition – This is another leave in conditioner that is on the more expensive side- it can be found for around $20, but it well worth it for its detangling properties. Many women who have naturally frizzy hair have used this product to achieve a more smooth look. You don’t need to soak your hair with this product to detangle it either; a nice sized dab would do just fine.

Kerastase Nectar Thermique – You want to check this product out if you use heat equipment on your hair frequently. Curlers and straighteners are great at the time you use them, but terrible for the health of your hair in the long run. This product will be able to protect your hair from average blow drying heat as well. Use this when you want to achieve maximum moisture and are looking to make your hair shine again. This product can be found for about $18.

Pureology Essential Repair Instant Repair– This is by far the most expensive bottle on this list at $26, but customers say that it is worth every penny. Pureology is known for making extremely concentrated products that you do not need to use a lot of. The same thing can be applied to this particular bottle- small amounts will work wonders. A small dab can untangle shoulder length hair and allow you to easily run a comb or brush through it.

Finding The Right Leave In Conditioner For You

With all of the different products on the market you might be confused as to which one you need. You can see a stylist in your area to get a professional opinion on your hair and have them recommend a product for you, or you can go about it yourself. Try some of the cheaper products listed above to see if they revitalize your hair first. If they are not working, then you might want to invest $20 or more into a bottle of quality leave in conditioner. The higher end products are sure to produce quality results over time, even if your hair is extremely damaged. The most common issue with hair is that it is too dry from hair dyes and heat equipment.

Do What The Product Says

When you are trying to get the maximum results out of a product like this, you need to make sure that you are following the directions exactly. Leave the product in for as long as the bottle says, no more or less. The company has done extensive research into their product and know the right amount of time to leave it in for maximum results. You also never want to leave anything in your hair for too long as it can have an opposite effect. Be sure to keep the benefits of a quality leave in conditioner in mind if you are looking to improve the condition of your hair.

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